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Microsoft Sway

Oct 26 - Jun 30, 2021

$25 Enroll

Full course description


Course Description:

Do you want to explore and practice Microsoft Sway? This self-paced course will provide a basic introduction to Sway. Participants will learn about how to get started with Sway, create content and design Sways, and manage passwords and accessibility in Sway.

Live Training Information:

Monday, October 26, 2020 from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. via Zoom and Canvas. Details will be emailed once you enroll in this course. 


Course Time: This training is estimated to take about 3 hours to complete.


Cost: $25

SDCOE Innovation Division Innovative Digital Learning Micro-courses are featured in our digital professional learning program for educators to learn technology tools to increase innovation and equitable learning practices. Reflective digital professional learnings provide school districts with innovative solutions for professional growth. These asynchronous and synchronous micro-courses will provide resources, best instructional practices, technology tools, and guided support for educators as they move forward with virtual, blended, and in-person teaching and learning. Educators, administrators, and school staff will learn tips and strategies to support high quality equity and access to distance learning for all students. Integrating these technology resources in instruction will support educators to improve and customize learning for all students.  Be inspired as you access a repository of resources and tutorials that promote a reflective practice to improve equity within distance learning.

Innovative Digital Learning Micro-courses are designed to:

  • enhance educators' technology use for communication, critical-thinking, collaboration, creativity and innovation.
  • support educators to improve and customize instruction for all students in a virtual, blended or in-person classroom.
  • provide asynchronous professional learning options for the teachers (i.e. time, pace, and path).
  • personalize professional  learning for educators (provide multiple entry points, focus on choice-based professional learning, matching the skill levels and content areas of the teachers).

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Enroll in this Course

Click on the Enroll button at the top of this page. Follow the directions for self-enrollment. 

Access the Course

Micro-courses are in the SDCOE Canvas Learning Management System. You will receive an email with directions on how to access the micro-course immediately after registration. 


If you are registering for a fee-based course, you will receive payment directions in a follow up email. Fee-based courses will be invoiced for each participant registration. Once each course registration is complete, the participant will receive a follow up email with payment information. Payment for fee-based courses must be submitted to the San Diego County Office of Education. Course payment methods include: Check, Purchase Order, Money Order, or SDCOE Inter-Department Transfer.

Please send payments to:

San Diego County Office of Education

Attention: Marco Gonzalez, Innovation Division

6401 Linda Vista Road, Room 412

San Diego, CA 92111

Include a memo with participant's name and course name.