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California Association for Bilingual Education

Dual Language Teacher Academy



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CABE’s Dual Language Teacher Academy (DLTA) Program


Intended Audience

Dual Language Teachers | Administrators | Coaches | Bilingual Support Staff

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About this Course:

CABE’s Dual Language Teacher Academy (DLTA) Program draws upon the Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education and integrates a focus on the Three Pillars of Dual Language Education. The CABE DLTA Program is aligned with the four principles of the EL Roadmap Policy.  These modules provide research and best practices on the foundation of Dual Language education.  The 4th module is an introduction to CABE’s Dual Language Immersion Planning Guide.  A free resource that will provide guidance to districts seeking to start a new dual language program. 

This reflective, self-paced digital professional learning provides school districts with innovative solutions for asynchronous professional growth. In this digital professional learning, TK-12 educators and administrators will access and be introduced to the California English Learner Roadmap. This course will provide resources, best practices, and guided support for educators and administrators as they move forward on their journey of implementing the California English Learner Roadmap Policy. Integrating these resources in instruction will support educators to improve and customize learning for all students, especially English learner students. 


Program Overview Video

Take a moment to view this introductory video and welcome from the MCAP CABE team.


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